My Magic Matters MT

Division of 'My Music Matters MT'

Magic/Mentalist/Illusionist Shows

Our Magic/Illusionist shows have it all: card tricks, balloon animals, balloon tricks, ‘shell games’, ‘magic balls’, disappearing acts and more. Some acts may not be suitable for young children. 

Pyrotechnic (Fire) Stunts

Fire breathing, fire eating and juggling with fire are all  great entertainment shows for street festivals! 

Fakir Stunts/Extreme Body Stunts

Fakir and Extreme Body Stunts are not for everyone. You will witness terrifying stunts such as walking, jumping, and laying on broken glass; escape artist stunts and so much more!


My Magic Matters is division of My Music Matters-MT. 


Fun for all ages...


Magician/Illusionist shows are the perfect support act for any genre of music or party. Davey McAuley is available for shows, support acts, and private parties. For more information click links below to go direct to artist's Profile Page: Davey McAuley

(References: Club Hell, Dublin, Ireland / Ripley's Believe it or Not-New York, NY - USA)

*Note: This site is for international exposure. For all shows in Ireland, contact Davey McAuley direct.

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    Davey McAuley
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